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June 30, 2023 - Deadline for full papers

July 30, 2023 - Notification of acceptance

Aug 31, 2023 - Final paper submission

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Dear Colleagues,

After five successful EMC Türkiye Conferences we are glad to inform you that everything is ready for the takeoff of EMC Türkiye 2023, The Seventh International EMC Conference to be held in Bahçesehir University (BAU) Istanbul during Sep 17 – 20, 2023 ( with the sponsorships of the IEEE EMC Society, IEEE Turkey Section, and the IEEE AP Istanbul Chapter. The papers s will be submitted to the IEEEXplore and IEEE digital library.

The First National EMC Conference was held at Dogus University between Sep 14-16, 2011. The two keynote speeches were, Prof. Christos Christopoulos’ Challenges of Computational Electromagnetics for EMC Applications and Prof. Pyotr YA. Ufimtsev’s Diffraction Principles in Stealth Technology.Dr. Christopoulos and Dr. Ufitmsev also had half-day short courses entitled Practical Issues in EMC Design and Fundamentals of Physical Theory of Diffraction, respectively. Aspects from design to market were discussed in nearly hundred papers.

The Second National EMC Conference was held at Isik University between Sep 9-11, 2013. In addition to more than 120 papers in regular sessions, Marcus Schicks from EM Software & Systems, Germany presented Different Numerical Methods for the Solution of Practical EMC Problems, Timothy Horacek from TESEQ, Switzerland presented EMC Testing for E-Marking Requirements Including New Additions Relevant to Electric Vehicles, Uwe Flor from EM TEST, USA presented New EMC Test requirements for Automotive; PHEV´s and Evs, Richard Weininger from Frankonia EMC, Germany presented EMC-Testing in E-Motor-Systems (component test), Donnie Gray from TDK, USA presented Absorber Performance and Advancement in Absorber Technology, Tabish Khan from AWR, UK presented Design and Optimization of 3D Connectors with EM Simulator, Adrian Matoi from EM TEST, USA presented New Immunity Test Procedures Against Low Frequency Supply Disturbances.

EMC Türkiye 2015, The Third International EMC Conference was held at Maslak Campus of Isik University between Sep 2-4, 2015 The two keynote speeches, entitled “EMC/EMI Effects in EM Systems and Their Mitigation: Three Case Examples” and “EM Modeling of Artificial Magnetic Conductors”were given by Dr. Raj Mittra (from Pennsylvania State University, USA) and Dr. Ahmed Kishk (from Concordia University, Canada), respectively. Extended versions of the selected papers were published in the special May 2016 issue entitled “Challenges in RF and Microwave Defense Engineering” of Wiley journal RF and Microwave Computer Aided Engineering (

EMC Türkiye 2017, The Fourth International EMC Conference was held at Middle East Technical University (METU) between Sep 24-27, 2017 and devoted to all aspects of EMC, from design to market, including EMC Measurements, EMC Management and Standards, Chip/ Package/PCB/Cables EMC, Immunity & Susceptibility, ESD & Transients, Shielding/Absorbing Materials, EMF Safety & Biomedical issues, Power System EMC, Power Electronics & Vehicles, with the emphasize on Automotive and Defense EMC issues. There were four short courses: Dr. Marco Klingler, from PSA Groupe (Peugeot - Citroen), France presented “An Introduction to Automotive EMC”. Dr. Sudhakar Rao, from Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, USA, talked about “Advanced Antenna Systems for 21st Century Satellite Communication Systems”. Dr. Erdem Akpinar from Aselsan presented “MIL-STD-461 G Requirements and Applications”. Garth D’Abreu from ETS-LINDGREN, discussed “The Impact of Antennas and Sensors on Automotive EMC”. The two keynote speeches were: “EMC Issues of Tomorrow's New Automotive Technologies - Impacts on Specifications, Design and Validations” by Dr. Marco Klingler and “Advanced Antenna Systems for 21st Century Satellite Communication Systems” by Dr. Sudhakar Rao.

EMC Türkiye 2019, The Fifth International EMC Conference took place in Gebze Technical University (GTU), KOCAELI between September 22 - 25, 2019. The Opening Speech “The Importance of EMC in High Density EM Environment” was given by Dr. Hayrullah Yildiz, Head of Microwave Products Business Line, REHIS / ASELSAN. The first keynote speaker was Dr. Zhang Yue PING, IEEE Fellow Member & DL of the IEEE AP-S, from Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE. His speech was entitled “Millimeter-wave Antenna-in-package Technology”. Dr. Ihsan ERDIN (Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE EMC-S), from Celestia Engineering Services, CANADA presented the second keynote talk entitled “Fundamentals and Advances in Power Integrity Modeling and Analysis Methods”. Dr. Ihsan ERDIN and Dr. Levent Sevgi also presented the short courses “Physical Insights and Analysis Methods for Signal Integrity in High-Speed Designs” and “From Design to Market: EMC Engineering”, respectively. The presented papers were posted on the IEEEXplore site ( )

EMC Türkiye 2021, The Sixth International EMC Conference was cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Dear colleague, I would like to invite you to submit a paper and attend the EMC Türkiye 2023. Please follow the deadlines on the conference web site

Prof. Dr. Levent Sevgi

Latest News
Papers have been uploaded on the IEEEXplore site; here is the link: Please click

Final program is ready and can be downloaded from the top menu!

The invited talk entitled “Wireless Medical Telemetry: From Implants to Wearables” will be delivered by Dr. Erdem Topsakal from Virginia Commonwealth University , USA

Paper review deadline is extended to July 30, 2023.

Paper submission deadline is extended to Jun 30, 2023.

The conference fee is 250 Euro including 3-day attendance, coffee/tea offers and IEEEXplore author fees.

The invited talk entitled “Gap Waveguide Technology for Millimeter-Wave Applications” will be delivered by Dr. Ahmed Kishk from Concordia University, Canada.

The Keynote Talk entitled “Uncertainty Quantification, Error Control, and Adaptive Refinement for Computational Electromagnetics and Engineering Applications” will be delivered by Dr. Branislav Notaros from Colorado State University, USA.

The invited talk entitled “Fast and Efficient Numerical Methods for Computational Electromagnetics” will be delivered by Dr. Özlem Özgün from Hacettepe University, Ankara.

The invited talk entitled “Electromagnetic Diffraction Modeling and Simulation” will be delivered by Dr. Gokhan Apaydin from Uskudar University, Istanbul.

IEEE AP-S President Dr. Stefano MACI will welcome the attendees in the Opening Ceremony of EMC TURKIYE 2023 and IEEE AP-S ISTANBUL WORKSHOP..

IEEE EMC-S President Dr. Vignesh RAJAMANI will welcome the attendees in the Opening Ceremony of EMC TURKIYE 2023 and IEEE AP-S ISTANBUL WORKSHOP.

The Keynote Talk entitled “Electrification – What the Future Holds for an EMC Engineer” will be delivered by the IEEE EMC-S President Dr. Vignesh Rajamani from Eponent Consulting, USA.

The invited talk entitled “AntennAlive: Antennas Reconfigured by Living Cells for In-body Sensing at a Molecular Level” will be delivered by Dr. Sema Dumanli from Electric Electronic Engineering, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul.

A Half-Day Workshop entitled “MIL-STD461 Military EMC Tests and Challenges, and In-Situ EMC Tests” will be organized by an expert team from TUBITAK - UME, National Metrology Institute.

The invited talk entitled “CubeSat Antennas – From Link Budget Analysis to Orbits” will be delivered by Dr. Reyhan Baktur from Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Utah State University.

The invited talk entitled “Recent Advances in Multifunctional Printed Ultrawideband Antennas” will be delivered by Dr. Jawad Y. Siddiqui, from Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics University of Calcutta, India.

The Keynote Talk entitled “Additive Manufacturing for RF and Microwave Applications” will be delivered by the Dr. Alkim Akyurtlu from UMASS Lowell, USA.

A Half-Day Short course entitled “From Design to Market EMC Engineering” will be organized by IEEE AP-S DL Dr. Levent Sevgi.


The Keynote Talk entitled “Lightning Interaction with Transmission and Distribution Power Systems” will be delivered by the IEEE EMC-S DL, Dr. Alexandre Piantini.

EMC TURKIYE 2023 presented papers will be included in IEEEXplore and IEEE digital library.

A 4min video of the conference can be downloaded from:

Opening Speech
Keynote Speakers
Dr. Alkim Akyurtlu (click for bio.)
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Dr. Alexandre Piantini (click for bio.)
IEEE EMC-S Distinguished Lecturer (2021-2022)
Associate Professor
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Branislav M. Notaroš (click for bio.)
President Elect IEEE APS
Colorado State University

Dr. Vignesh Rajamani (click for bio.)
IEEE EMC-S President
Exponent Consulting, US - Sixth EMC Turkey Conference Istanbul

The 7th EMC Turkiye Conference
17-20 Sep 2023
Bahcesehir University - Besiktas/Istanbul